Speak Up!!

1 04 2010

I do not really understand why for each people, gossip about socialites or celebrities its very important in their lifes. Mostly peoples cant keep the eyes from watching television just for heard gossip or rummours some problem.

Too much ways to spending your time, especially when you online. You would get so many information, in every categories that you want to know, you look for the stuff or some goods that you need from, for example i really like to hunt a good picture from the best fotograher in the world, or just to get my fun with playing game online.

need to speak or comment something or your opinion, its easy just create you awn blog. trust me, writing is really fun, say anything good from your head to good written, speak up what in your mind..


12 03 2010

” Rain..rain..go away come again another day, all the world waiting for the sun….

These the little lyric that i’d love to.. from Breaking Benjamin, you know as usual in our lifes we will be face our own problem, it could so complicated or simply, depend on how we thinking about, try to solve our problem with every way we can do. Yeah, we can make an analogy that for  big problem is like the kindergarten was requested to finish factoring Polynomials, it looks crazy surely, but whatever nothing imposible, it can happen to anyone or anybody.

Mostly, several people choose to walking away, avoid the hurt in their heart, hate anything for the memories in their mind, like the students at elemanary scholl that really hate about the exacta lesson although, avoid the problems but its not helpful too much, life is not likes a math, that every quiestion has their specify answer because theres  math problem solver include into, it easier than to us to finish it..

In case, maybe, actually nothing  seem difficult, if we always try and try, dont be a loser and pretend the problem, make it simply in our heart, enjoy all the process seem like we was doing our math words problem, just consider its like numbering, its all about how long we can through the bad path and after its release, we will be satisfy, no look back.. forget anything worst and try to have new hope..on the good way surely..

Yea, finally, every people have their own way.. to see their lifes from their view..

Surat untuk Cathleya

7 04 2009

“Kau benar Ley, hidup seperti pelangi adalah niscaya, dan grey area adalah samar semata.”

Malam tadi kuingin bicara cinta dengannya Ley, bicara angan-angan yang pernah dilewati bersama, begitu sangat ingin kuulang semuanya  seperti saat waktu bisa jadi milikku dengan-nya

Ley, kenapa ya meskipun aku terkadang merasa bodoh, rasanya tak mudah terpalingkan rasa dan hasratku darinya, Ya kau tau Ley, bagaimana aku, sang pemuja setia meski nyatanya mungkin aku juga bisa berpaling.

Oh ya bagaimana perjalananmu ke The Summer Triangle, pasti menyenangkan bukan? Aku sendiri belum kemana-mana akhir-akhir ini, ternyata pindah ke Mars menyenangkan juga, planet merah yang indah, dingin memang disini tapi aku sudah terbiasa, seperti de javu merasakkan terus menerus hati yang begitu dingin beberapa waktu lalu. Baca entri selengkapnya »

The spirit of Winning

27 01 2008

Hi friends, do you like sport? when i was young at senior high school, i really like sport session, you know my teacher teach us every sport that we can do at school, likes athletic, softball, basket ball, volley ball and so on.

Much my favorite team of volleyball is from cuba and china, korean too, they are so awsome when playing the game, make my heart beat so hard, This sport thing, well,   i beth that  you will like their play and game so much, si attractive, sporty and o f course good player at all. Mostly they have good bodies, strong muscles to hit a ball with that make crush with their enemies team, somehow just for fun we make a sport betting to know the result of winning :)

After i grew, i really like watching softball and football, they play at super league but one championship that never miss is euro cup with starry player there, me and my friends so exciting if my favorite team become i winner, sometimes we make betting sport game, yess i beth with my team and my friends too, whos become a winner which means the result of the games.

The point is, the good side we like sport is we can learn everything from the game, we know the tip and tricks when they are playing so thats why we should be a fair player, sporty, respecting each other and accept all the result of game, lose or win.

The most important is about spirit, spirit to be a winner and doing the best thing in our life likes our favorite team.


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